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We understand that studying overseas is a big step for everyone. We are fully committed to assist you to achieve your goal and success in any destination that you choose. We are the only Education Agency in Indonesia who have vast experience in studying, working and living overseas for more than 20 years. Our small team ensure that all your questions will be answered by real people who has experienced studying and living overseas, not through Brochures, Google or Wikipedia. Sometimes it takes more than filling out the forms and giving the brochures to truly embrace the value of overseas study.

Why choose Go Global Way?

Choosing to study overseas is a big step in your life. We believe the decision lies in your own hand and you will able to garner the full potential and enrol to the chosen education institution that suit your life style, budget and achieve your future! Our team full of local experience will help you in the country of destination to make the journey seamless and worry free! We are partnering with local institutions who offer the best education and unparallel support throughout the process, from selecting the best suitable institution, enrolment, accepting the offer, visa guidance and also welcoming you to the new country of destination and continuous support throughout your study. Our local team will ensure to guide you with the most updated and accurate information so you can concentrate on more important things to achieve your goals. The future is in your hand, let us guide you to achieve it!

Our Services

Education Counselling

The word “education counselling” means to give professional assistance and guidance by trained personnel to students to make the right choice in their studies. We focus on each student success on their study by matching to the right partner institution. Read More

Application to Institutions

Congratulations on doing your own research on the student future study destination and place! Applying to institutions sometimes confusing, time consuming and you may not entirely understand the requirement needed and deadlines. Read More

Accommodation placement

We understand the importance to have comfortable place to live in a new country. This accounts for more than half the worry being a new student to be away from home. We ensure that each student able to find a comfortable place according to the budget that they have in mind. Read More

Regular workshops

The journey to study abroad is not only come to the campus, join classes, listen to the professors, do the homework or projects, and make sure to submit assignment on time. Those activities really amount for less than half of the time spent by a typical student each week. Read More

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